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Hi, I am Aish Baratan.

I’d like to welcome you to my world of aesthetic black and white. When you look at my art, you are perceiving the world through my eyes. Besides deep philosophical meaning, you will also notice that I use art as a medium to spotlight important issues that plague our society today.

From an early age, I closely associated with cosmic geometry. I am forever striving to depict the symmetry within the asymmetric. And so I gravitate towards complex patterns, geometric designs, mandalas and mythology to express myself.

For example, my “Photon Series” expresses the nature of light that travels faster than sound. Right through its journey, Light refracts and reflects creating triangles and angles culminating in magical black and white images. The shining moon and starts are but a simple example of this phenomenon.

In 2015, I created a series titled "Girl in Rags" for a music video by Nonviolenze . Both the song and the art explore the idea of female empowerment and liberty.

Drawn with neutral black and gray scale pens and markers, the color palate allows the viewer to focus on the content of each drawing. Each piece conveys a deep emotion to the viewer. All ten pieces were drawn to a storyboard and animated into a video. This brought to life the music that was dedicated to the cause of women around the world.

I have also created several music album covers. You will see that I have the unique skill to take complex concepts and compress it within the walls of a canvas. Check out my work for the unique jazz instrumental "Stop Talking”, that attempts to portray the negative quality of gossip.

I invite you to my world of black and white. My art can be viewed at Studio #138, Silos at Sawyer, Houston Texas.